Tuesday, January 3, 2012

what's going to happen?

Yesterday there was a coupon blog circling around facebook, cafemom, and other sites I'm sure as well advertising how to get a Step 2 patio set for $15.  The set normally retails for $80!!  There were also two discount codes for 10% and 15% so no matter which you used, you got a great deal.  After shipping I paid $20.46, awesome!  I was so excited...until I woke up this morning.

I woke up to a comment from my sister-in-law that she saw that JC Penny had actually made a pricing error.  The set was now on the JC Penny site for $90!!!  Insane.  I have heard conflicting stories, mostly people saying that there will be e-mails going out to give us the option of either buying the set for $90 (yeah right) or canceling our order.  I have yet to see an e-mail either way and if I get said email, I'm going to be putting up a fight.  The advertised price was up all day yesterday so they had plenty of time to realize and fix their error.  I know a large amount of people that ordered the sets so they had to have known that they were selling for that price.  If it was a mistake they should have corrected it sooner, and they should uphold the incorrect price for the people that have already purchased.  My card has been charge, they already have my money.  I want my table!!!

I can tell you know, I will be fighting and I will be speaking my mind.  This isn't the first I've heard of JC Penny having more customer service and I doubt it will be the last.  I can guarantee if they don't right this situation I will seriously think twice about giving them my business again and I sure as heck will be telling everyone I know about their poor standards.

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