Thursday, January 12, 2012

9 month check up

Little Miss Samantha had her 9 month check up today!!  She is doing fantastic and as the doctor said, is finally starting to get more proportionate.  Her stats are as follows:

Weight: 15 pounds 8 ounces (4%)
Length: 27 1/8 inches (26%)
Head Circumference:  16 7/8 inches (20%)

Her head was super low at the last appointment so that finally jumped up.  Her length also dropped significantly, I think she was 70th last time, lol.  Weight has stayed about the same.  (This is percentile wise, she gained 2 pounds since her 6 month)  Overall though, the doctor is very pleased with her growth and said she is doing great.  At this point, it's pretty common for babies to kind of stall since they are getting more mobile and burning more calories so I'm not too worried.

Samantha got her final HepB shot as well as a finger prick to look for anemia and other deficiencies.  We were also referred to an allergist since she had the reaction to eggs.  Because of this, we did not do the second half of her flu shot.

As always, the doctor was thrilled to see Samantha and we will be back again for her 1 year (omg!!!) check up!

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