Monday, January 9, 2012

final jcp update

If you remember I previously posted here and here about ordering the Step2 Patio set from JC Penny.  Well tonight we finally got the dreaded e-mail.  We weren't one of the lucky ones who will still receive the ordered patio set.  However, in order to make it up they gave us a coupon code for $50 off our next purchase of $50+.  So essentially we got a $50 gift card.  Samantha is only 9 months old now so the patio set was going to be put away for another year or two until she was big enough for it so this actually works out that we can buy something that she can use now.  Although I was quite excited for the patio set, I am happy that JC Penny is at least doing something nice for the customers who weren't lucky enough to get a table.

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