Monday, January 2, 2012

can't we catch a break?

I guess when you have kids it's just one thing after another.  Better get used to it!  Today we decided to give Samantha eggs for the first time.  The conversation before hand went a little like this:

Chris: Do you want scrambled or fried eggs for breakfast?
Me: How about scrambled?  Then you can make an extra and we can give some to Samantha.

*then I pondered it for a few minutes*

Me: On second thought, maybe we shouldn't give them to Samantha, they say they shouldn't have egg whites until they are a year old.
Chris: Oh Steph, it will be fine.
Me: Okay

So off we went and fed Samantha some scrambled eggs.  She had 5 or 6 bites and then went to play in her jumparoo.  After she jumped for a bit I nursed her and then we got ready to put her down for her nap.  Chris took her to change her diaper and immediately called me over.  She had red splotchy marks all around her lips.  I immediately called our pediatrician which no surprise, is closed for the holiday.  (We could leave an after hours message but they charge $25/call, ugh)  Thankfully, during Samantha's bout with pneumonia last week we found out that Chris' employer has a FREE 24 hour nurses hotline, so we decided to call that instead.  It was super easy and a RN called us back in a timely  manner.

Thankfully, as you can see in the picture, the reaction didn't seem to be too severe.  She had no trouble breathing, wheezing, swelling, or other symptoms.  I did find out after the fact, however, that Chris put milk in the eggs which I'm guessing may be the culprit.  My mom was severely lactose intolerant and I am as well to a lesser degree.  However for us, it's really more of an upset stomach/intestinal discomfort kind of thing.  So who knows.

I'll call the pediatrician tomorrow for a "follow up" and hopefully things will continue to be okay!

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