Sunday, January 22, 2012

my little non crib sleeper!

You remember those first weeks months when you were up at all hours of the night tending to your newborn baby?  Yeah, that's been us the past week.  We co sleep and in the past week or so, the sleep just isn't happening.  Samantha is so darn wiggly.  She doesn't wake up but she is squirming all over the place and just generally very restless.  I am so groggy during the day and I can tell we need to find a new solution.  We've tried putting her in the pack n play next to the bed but she just screams bloody murder.  And now that she's pulling up, I roll over and see these little eyes peeking over at me and she's just covered in tears.  It breaks my heart and inevitably she ends up in bed with me again.  It's a vicious cycle.

This morning after breakfast, Chris lowered Samantha's crib so we could get back to Project: Samantha Sleeps in Her Crib.  Day one wasn't stellar, but I *kinda* made an effort, lol.  We did nap one right after the mattress was lowered.  She fell asleep rather quickly but only slept for 30 minutes.  Once she woke up she played quietly in her crib for about 20 minutes until Chris went to get her.  We attempted to put her to sleep in her swing (where she's used to napping) but had no luck so I played with her for a while.  After I fed her, I put her down for a second nap around 1:00.  She cried and wouldn't let me leave her side.  I had to physically have my hand on her or else she would completely lose it.  Finally she let me at least sit in her glider and after a bit she did fall asleep.  I waited a few minutes and snuck out and watched her on the monitor.  She woke up after 45 minutes and was not happy.  She woke up screaming and nothing could console her.  I attempted to get her back to sleep in her crib to no avail.  I could tell she was exhausted so I gave in and put her in her swing.  She immediately fell asleep and slept for around 2 hours.  Once up again we played hard, ate dinner, and then got ready for bed.  We don't really have a "routine" per say so I decided to try one.  I fed her, took her into her room, we read stories, and I put her into bed.  Yeah...that didn't work.  She screamed and screamed for 30 minutes.  I don't mean whimpered, but full on screaming.  I went up and not even touching her helped this time. She did NOT want that crib.  I brought her down and 30 seconds after getting in her swing she was out like a light.  Oy!

I'm not allowed to attempt the pack n play tonight because Chris has work tomorrow and apparently the rule book says, baby can't cry if daddy has to work in the morning.  So, it will be another night of no sleeping for us.  Hopefully she'll get used to this whole crib thing soon.  One thing I know, baby number two will either be side car'd or in the pack n play from day one!!  Okay who am I kidding, I will probably have to give in and cuddle to bed at least once, but I'm going to try my darnedest to not make it a habit.


Anonymous said...

Baby #2 should sleep in crib from the start!!!!

Mary said...

We co-sleep and so do a LOT of other people - and some kids transition just fine to the crib, others dont! You cant predict :)
Elise will prob be awful to transition for napping or nighttime bc I hold her 24/7 :-D