Thursday, January 26, 2012

allergy update

Today brought us back to the allergist to continue Samantha's allergy testing.  Since Samantha is allergic to eggs, she is at risk for having a reaction to the flu vaccine.  We started off with a prick test on her arm with 5 pricks.  We did three of the flu vaccine I believe small, medium, and large concentrations.  We also did a prick for peanuts since in 20% of egg allergy cases there is also a peanut allergy.  Then, of course, the control dot.  Thankfully all three of the vaccine and the peanut test were negative!

After the prick test we had to move onto a test shot.  The nurse had to give Samantha two shots in her upper arm.  One was a shot of saline as a control and the second shot had a low dose of the flu vaccine.  After 15 minutes she was checked and thankfully, again, all results were negative.

At this time we were able to administer the full flu vaccine.  She got the shot in her leg and then we waited 20 minutes to be sure there wasn't a reaction.  Even after all the trial runs!!  She was fine after the 20 minutes and we were free to go home.  Phew!

It was a long appointment and I feel bad for all Samantha had to go through.  Thankfully for now, it's done!  At least until next year when we go back to find out if she outgrew her allergy.

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