Tuesday, January 10, 2012

first snow

Yesterday we had our first snowfall in Northern Virginia.  I hesitate to call it a snowfall because as a Chicago native, I know what real snow is, but to a baby who has never seen snow before, anything is significant!!  There was a high of 55 degrees today so I knew the snow wouldn't last long.  As soon as we were up and showered, I decided to take Samantha out to check out the snow.  She absolutely LOVED it.  We got a snowsuit for my baby shower so that was perfect though it was kind of hard for her to move around in it.  She actually fell over once and she couldn't move at all so I just looked down to find her with a HUGE grin on her face and her eyes were just going back and forth over and over trying to see around because she couldn't move her head.  It was so cute!!  I let her taste the snow but she didn't love or hate it.  It was so much fun and I can't wait to take her out once we have some real, deep, fluffy snow!!

Her first impression was great!


LOL, you can see the smile here.

Yeah, I'd say she liked it!

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