Monday, August 20, 2012


Wow, it's been ages since I last posted.  Last entry Samantha had just turned 1.  She is now 16 months and has changed SO much since her birthday.  At her birthday she didn't have a single tooth and now she has 8.  Yes, EIGHT teeth!!  She is also cutting 3 molars and I'm sure the 4th isn't far behind.  She is walking all over, starting to talk more, and is just SO much fun.  It's hard to believe how quickly they grow and change. She is so amazing.

About 2 weeks after Samantha's first birthday, we also got a HUGE surprise.  We found out we are expecting again!!

This here is our little BOY!!  We found out August 3rd that our new addition will even out the family.  We are thrilled to say the least.  Samantha just loves babies and I think she will really enjoy having a little brother.  He does have a name, but we aren't revealing it until his birth.  Our due date is December 15th so we will be loving having a new baby for Christmas.  What a great holiday season.

Sorry for my lack of posts lately and I promise I will start to update on a more regular basis!!