Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's 2014!!

Happy New Year!  We rang in 2014 with my in-laws in Connecticut.  We have been here since Monday and depending on how the weather is, we should be heading home tomorrow.  It's been a nice trip but they have a wood stove here which is causing me some massive headaches so I've spent a lot of the time sleeping or laying down.  :-(  On New Years Eve we went out to Hubbard Park and checked out their lights which were nice.  (But nothing on Bull Run Park back in Virginia!!)  Afterwards we went to this awesome house in Southington called Lights on Lovely.  I've always loved the youtube videos of lights set to music so to actually see one in person was pretty neat!  This house had 45,000 lights!  It was so awesome.  When we first arrived I pulled Samantha out of her carseat and she freaked out.  She was signing "all done" and saying "I don't like it" over and over.  However by the time we went through 2-3 shows she was asking for more and she actually cried when we left.  We will definitely have to come back next year.  If you are in Connecticut, this house is a must see!!  We got home and my head was pounding which was making me super nauseous so I ended up turning in for the night around 9:00.  Whoops!!

Yesterday we had our family Christmas which was really nice.  Unfortunately only 5 of the 7 siblings were here, but it was still very enjoyable.  All of us got some amazing gifts and I can't wait to put everything to use once we return home.  Tonight was a visit with Chris' grandma and now we are all hunkered down for the storm.  I can't wait to wake up in the morning and hopefully see the yard buried in snow.  We brought snowsuits for both of the kids and grandma has sleds so it would be great to get some snow plan in before we have to head home.

Zach has spent most of his time here playing hide and seek behind the tv stand!

He was NOT a fan of his new winter jacket from grandma!

Samantha with Auntie Margaret

They LOVE their new chairs handmade by Uncle Brian!  Zach has been sitting in his non-stop.  The kid is obsessed with chairs!  These are beautiful.

Eileen modeling her awesome boston terrier footies along with Sparky!

Bella loved her new Belle doll.  Samantha was not enthused that it wasn't at our house anymore and broke out into tears the second Bella opened it.

Sam and Zach with great grandma!

All in all this has been a great trip and a wonderful start to 2014!!  I hope you all had a wonderful New Year as well.

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