Sunday, January 12, 2014

The time we tried to cook...

I will come right out and admit that cooking is not my forte.  I'm not even a little bit good at it.  Seriously, something as simple as mac and cheese gets screwed up by me.  I've come to accept this fact but I still try my hand at things sometimes just because they look good.  Anyways, we've been spoiled the last few weeks with Chris being off for Christmas/New Years and then travelling to Connecticut and have my mother/father-in-law do all the cooking.  It's been wonderful.  Well today was Chris's first day back to work in a good while and I've gotta say, I missed the nice breakfasts.  Soooo I decided to try my hand at waffles.

I went online and picked the first waffle recipe that popped up.  It happened to be from Allrecipes.  It had just 8 ingredients and didn't seem too hard to follow so I figured I couldn't mess it up.  Samantha loves baking so she was super excited to help.  This was also the first time we got to wear our aprons that we got for Christmas from Our Lil Bowtique.

Samantha was super into mixing all the ingredients (and licking the whisk as much as she could, eww)!!
After we were done whisking, it was time to pour in the waffle iron and that's when things went south.  Samantha and Zach's waffles actually turned out pretty decent.  Then I went to make mine and half the counter ended up covered in batter because I apparently filled the iron too full so it all just exploded out the sides.  Nice!!  Eventually though I did get my waffles made.
Now here's the part you've all been waiting for.  Samantha and Zach would hardly touch them!!  Ugh!  I'm going to go ahead and blame it on the fact that we didn't have any syrup so they were a little bland...yeah, I'll keep telling myself that.

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Auntie Jessica said...

If all else fails, try jelly. Sounds weird but to me there's nothing better than pancakes or waffles with a little strawberry or grape jelly ;)