Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sensory Bin - Take 6: The Ocean Bin

The past two weeks we have been the proud owners of this awesome ocean themed sensory bin!!  (Also - if you've been following along, you might have noticed that I missed Take 5.  I do have pictures for that bin, they just got lost in the holiday shuffle and I need to track them down.)  Back to this weeks bin though!  OCEAN!

This bin was full of sea life!  Dolphins, whales, sharks, starfish, etc.  Tons of seashells which Samantha loved and a bucket and shovel.
There was also a fantastic book about many of the under the sea animals.
Samantha loved digging out all of the sea animals and putting them in the bucket.  I encouraged her to find the animals she discovered in the book of sea creatures and match them up.

Zachary just enjoyed playing with all the animals and then, unfortunately, throwing the shredded paper EVERYWHERE!!  For my two little boogers, this bin definitely requires a lot of constant clean up!

Apparently whales can fly and say "vroom" too!!  Did you know that?!
We have had so much fun with this bin and I know we will get lots more play time out of it before we must pass it on to its new home.

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