Monday, January 27, 2014

Simple Bathtub Paint!

One of my kids' favorite activities is bath time!!  They could seriously spend hours in there if I'd let
them.  Today I decided to give them a little treat and let them paint in the tub.  This paint was seriously so easy to make.  All I used was: a muffin tin, shaving cream, and food coloring.

I decided to use all 12 circles which ended up being WAY too much paint.  They painted for what felt like forever, and there was still stuff left over!

Of course they couldn't both look at the camera together!!  Note how clean the before pictures are.  ;-)

Hard at work.

After about 10 minutes I had to take Zach out of the tub because he kept trying to put the paint in his mouth.  Since this is made with shaving cream, it is definitely NOT eating friendly.  I have seen a few edible bath paint recipes floating around, so we will probably give one of those a shot later on.
By the time she was finished, our bath was SUPER colorful.  The colors looked so pretty mixed all together.



The water was a mess by the time she was finished so I dumped it out and put in fresh water so she could take an actual bath.  Clean up was relatively easy but there are still hints of color on the sides of the tub and in the grout.  I'll go back later with a magic eraser and do some touch ups but overall, it was not too bad.  Samantha had such a fun time and says she would love to do it again!

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Anonymous said...

I recall folks using things like 'pudding'; or pudding + gelatin; or pudding + powdered milk & Whip the ingredients. If it gets runny, you might need to add something else-but worth a try. AP