Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

I'm a few days late here, but MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  Two days before Christmas the phone box in our front room started beeping...every 15 minutes.  Super annoying if you ask me.  Well Chris looked online for how to disable it and followed the steps Verizon listed and guess what happened?  We lost everything!  No phone, no internet, no cable!!  I stayed home all day Christmas Eve, even though I had tons to do, waiting for Verizon to come and repair the problem.  We decided to go to Church that evening despite Verizon still not arriving and sure enough, in the middle of the service they called to say they wouldn't be coming until the day after Christmas.  Boo!  Finally yesterday morning they came and restored our service so now I can post!  Phew!  After Church we gave the kids their Christmas pajamas.  Zach was so exhausted he cried through the whole thing, poor guy!  After Samantha set out cookies and milk and everyone got tucked into bed.

Christmas day was really nice for us, although very exhausting.  Chris and I were up until 12:30 wrapping presents, please remind me to wrap in advance next year!  Just an hour later Mr. Zachary decided that it was time to wake up.  We laid in bed for a while but he was not going back to sleep so we ended up coming downstairs.  Zach bolted straight for the Power Wheels!!  He was so happy to sit in it.

Then he noticed the tree and spent the next two hours trying to unwrap all the presents.  It was next to impossible to keep him contained and I ended up taping together a few boxes that he had torn into.

Finally around 6:30 I got him to go back to sleep and we slept for a few more glorious hours.  So nice!  Of course by the time he woke up, he wanted nothing at all to do with the presents.  Samantha came down and was super excited to find "Ho Ho".  So excited that she walked right past all the presents saying "Ho Ho, where arrrrrrrre you?"  It was so adorable.  After she realized that Santa was not at our house she raced for the presents.  Her Santa presents came perfectly wrapped in princess paper which she LOVED.  Every time we saw or talked about Santa she was adament that she wanted a Snow White doll.  I had no idea where it was under the tree, but somehow she managed to find it and it was the very first thing she opened.  For almost all her presents she would say "wooow" or "I love it" or "I'm SO excited!".  Seriously adorable.  Zacj's Santa presents had Spiderman and TMNT paper.  Santa packages come with stamped gift tags!


This doesn't even begin to cover all the stuff they got.  They were seriously spoiled rotten this year!  They had such a wonderful Christmas and have been loving playing with all of their new stuff.  I am so thankful for our happiness and health and I can't wait to see what the next year will bring us.

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Melissa said...

Your kids are SO cute! It sounds like you guys had such a nice Christmas. The stuff Samantha was saying as she was opening her presents is absolutely adorable!