Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tot School - Week 4

Today we had week 4 of our tot school!  Our themes today were the letter D, number 4, and the story of Moses.  We started off by Mrs. M reading the story of baby Moses going down the Nile in a basket.

This activity didn't work so well as the "basket" wasn't heavy enough and kept tipping over.  Poor Moses did a lot of swimming!!

Next we had the kids watch a small portion of Veggie Tales called "Moe and the Big Exit" which was of course about Moses.  C not so sweetly demanded that Samantha hold his hand, haha!

Then he invited E2 to hold on as well.

Our second activity was coloring the letter D and then turning our D's into dogs!  This was especially fun for the kids and they loved barking like dogs as they pasted all the different pieces on.

Finally we had a number 4 sticker activity.  Mrs. M made a worksheet with four squares in it and they each got to peel off four stickers for each square.

After we finished our work we decided to head to the neighborhood tot lot for some playground fun. Everyone was in rare form and there was a lot of arguing, a little sharing, and not enough burning off of energy so it was a rather quick trip.

After a nice lunch we headed shopping for a baptism gift and came home for naps!!  What a day and thank you for hosting Mrs. M!!!

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