Friday, October 11, 2013

2.5 Year Check-Up

Today Miss Samantha had her 2.5 year well child check up.  I went in all pumped and excited, and left ready to pull out my hair...strand by strand.  It's been pouring like crazy here the past few days and it's expected to continue through the weekend, so I did not want to deal with the stroller since by the time I got it plus 2 kids in, we would all be completely soaked.  I managed to get us all in and Samantha happily played with toys while we waited our turn.  We were called back and Samantha got weighed.  24.7 pounds (I think, but more on that later).  Her height was 35ish inches...2 inches taller than last time!

While we waited for the doctor I had to fill out an autism screen which was surprisingly easy.  Thankfully Samantha passed all the questions and there are no concerns.  One of the questions was "does your child enjoy playing hide and seek" and when I asked Samantha she then of course wanted to play. It was quite the site since the room is so tiny and nowhere to hide.  While we were playing our doctor walked in.  She helped me find Samantha who was very cleverly hidden (underneath a chair)!  Doctor D. was very impressed with her growth.  I can't remember how much weight she's gained, but she's now in the 15th percentile.  She grew over 2 inches and is now in the 50th percentile.

We talked about eating habits which pretty much stink.  Thankfully Dr. D assured me that her desire to only eat candy and spaghetti is pretty typical for a 2.5 year old.  She suggested pureeing some veggies and adding the puree to ourher pasta sauce.  I suppose we can give it a try.

We also talked about her sleeping habits which have gone drastically downhill in the past week.  Last Saturday she was WIDE awake at 3am.  Seriously, awake for the 3am.  Thankfully I was able to get Zach to sleep in the crib (we co sleep) and I brought Samantha downstairs to watch cartoons while I slept on the couch.  We had a baby shower to attend that day which I was terrified for since Samantha never did go back to sleep.  Thankfully she did amazingly well though.  Since then, Samantha has been waking up for the day around 6-7:00am which is super early for her.  She usually sleeps until 8-9:00.  Then yesterday, she was up at 1am.  Chris took her into bed with him and then decided she could come sleep in Zach's crib.  (I sleep on a mattress next to Zach's crib..don't judge, it works for us)  Well she didn't like that and started crying which of course woke Zach up, so there was no going back to sleep.  I lugged the both of them downstairs where Zach proceeded to inhale goldfish while Samantha begged to eat cookies and marshmallows.  I put on the cartoons again and finally after 3 hours she fell asleep.  Zach and I also fell asleep.  I was happy we were all sleeping but it was super uncomfortable because all 3 of us were on the same couch.  Yikes!  Whatever, sleep is sleep and I needed it!  Anyways - Dr. D said it could be because she is cutting molars or possibly separation anxiety.  Tonight, Chris had to lay in her room with her to get her to fall asleep, so I'm thinking that might be it.  I just hate that she's not sleeping well.  We are all feeling the effects during the day.

Finally she asked us about flu shots.  I was hesitant to do shots this year since Samantha got the shot in both 2011 and 2012 (the only years she's been alive, lol) and both times, she also got the flu!  However, since I joined the gym this summer and they both go to the in house child care there, I figured it was probably a smart idea to go ahead with the shots.  Another concern of mine was with Zach's shot.  Zach is only 10 months old and hasn't had eggs yet.  I also gave Samantha the first flu shot before she had eggs thinking nothing of it.  A few weeks after her first shot, I gave her eggs and it was immediately apparent that she was allergic.  It turned out she had a pretty severe allergy, which she has since outgrown.  Anyways, I was nervous for Zach to have the shot since he hadn't had eggs yet.  However, Dr. D said it should be okay and that we would just wait 15 minutes after the shots for observation.  Samantha had been so pumped for her flu shot since we'd been talking about it a little bit.  However once it happened she was not so happy.  :-( Thankfully Zach did fine and after a quick cuddle was back to his happy self.  On our way out they gave me Samantha's baby book and we picked a few stickers to put inside.

As we got into the waiting room I took the Mickey sticker and put it in Zach's book.  Well...this was the wrong move to make.  Apparently the Mickey, and the Dora and Barbie stickers, belonged to Samantha. She proceeded to scream, kick and cry on the floor of the waiting room for the entire 15 minutes.  I did everything in my power to get her to calm down, while Zach frantically cawled all over the gross dirty floor, to no avail.  It was so embarrassing.  Finally our 15 minutes was up and our wonderful nurse brought Samantha another Mickey sticker, but she was done for.  She could not stop crying.  I was so relieved to be leaving and as I am juggling the diaper bag, Samantha and Zach both in my arms I was thrilled to be walking out with another couple.  Well, they didn't have the decency to look behind them as they exited the office and the door just slammed in my face.  Gee thanks!  So I continue juggling and pushing the door open, what a mess!  We finally got back to the car, in the rain, and put Samantha's stickers into her book.  Once her stickers were in, I flipped through to find her current stats and...THEY WEREN'T THERE.  The nurse took her book and didn't write down a single thing!  I couldn't believe it, but I was not about to go back up there. I figure I will just have them fill it in at Zach's 12 month appointment in December.

Thankfully Samantha was happy as a clam by the time we got home and she had a nap.  If you ask her about her day she will happily tell you she saw Dr. D and got checked out with her otoscope.  Then she says in her cute little voice, "I got a flu shot, it hurt" while signing hurt.  My little trooper is awesome though and says she will come with me and hold my hand while I get my flu shot.  After all of this trouble, we sure as heck better not get stuck with the flu this season!!!

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