Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cloud Dough

We've been stuck in the house all day today since Samantha is still "sick".  I just don't get it!  She woke up with a temperature of 99.4 and by this evening it's back up to 102 again.  She is acting almost completely normal though!  This is day 5 of the fever so I think I will finally bite the bullet and call the pediatrician in the morning.  I'm not feeling optimistic though since the theme of most fever visits is "it's a virus" and we get sent right back home to wait it out.

Earlier today a friend posted on facebook about making fake snow and I thought it looked fun.  Once Chris got home from work I decided to head to the store to pick up some ingredients to make a few different sensory mixtures.  We didn't have enough of any one ingredient at home so I had to buy them all, but it was under $10 to make all 3.  Once I got home I let Samantha look at all the pictures online and she chose to make cloud dough.  It was super simple to make with only 2 ingredients - flour and baby oil.

Samantha enjoyed helping me to pour the flour and oil into the bowl and she happily let me mix it for her.  I didn't do a whole lot of research on cloud dough, and the recipe I found didn't include a picture so I had no clue what it was supposed to look like.  It called for 4 cups flour and 1/2 cup water which came out very crumbly so I just kept on adding oil.  I think I used up almost half the bottle, lol.  Afterwards I googled cloud dough and it seems that the original consistency was okay, but it still worked well with the extra oil.

Samantha played with the dough for about 30 minutes until a neighbor came over and after that she moved on to watching a "sinsess" movie before bed.  I think her favorite part was using a 1/4 cup measuring cup to build little disks in the bowl.  My favorite part was the addicting baby oil scent.  I could smell that all day long...or any other baby product really.  So yummy!!  I think I might try adding food coloring next time to give it a fun color!  I put a lid on the bowl so we can play with it later and I am hoping this lasts a while. Once she tires of the cloud dough we will move on to our other two sensory mixtures!

What are your favorite mixture recipes?

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