Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Festivities!!

With Halloween just 2 days away, our household is in full blown pumpkin mode!  Last night was pumpkin decorating/carving day and we had a blast.  I've never really carved a pumpkin before so I must admit I was slightly intimidated.  My pumpkin didn't turn out that great, but I only lost one portion of my pumpkin so I think I did pretty good!

I got a kit at Target for Samantha to make a Minnie Mouse pumpkin.  She had to paint her pumpkin black, but we gave her green and blue to use too.  She concentrated so hard on painting and did an awesome job.

Zach helped a little bit too, but he was more interested in eating the paint.  Unfortunately, there was absolutely nothing on the Minnie Mouse box or directions noting if the paint was non toxic or not!!  I did have a little freak out, but we washed him off right away and he hasn't gotten sick so I think he's okay.

Zach standing all by himself!  He's getting a lot better and more daring with doing this.  Won't be long before he's walking!!

Chris decided that he was going to carve a pumpkin too.  Zach loved helping to pull out the guts...and try to eat them!  Not sure how good raw pumpkin tastes but he kept stuffing his face.

The finished products!!  Samantha's pumpkin is behind mine but we needed to wait for the paint to dry before we could attach the Minnie face.  We will probably do that tomorrow.

Today was another fun filled pumpkin day.  We started off with Spooky Tots.  This was a halloween event in the next town over from us that provided live music, balloon art, face painting, candy and more!  Samantha was SO excited to dress up in her costume and go "trick or treating".

I am having major second child syndrome here.  I was planning on having Samantha and Zach have "matching costumes" but then Samantha wanted to be Belle.  As hard as I looked I couldn't find a beast, candle stick, clock, or teacup costume.  I glanced around at party stores, but sorry, I am not paying $50 for a costume he will wear one time.  Sooooo, he is being a cat which is what Samantha was for her first halloween.  Thankfully next year he will definitely be getting his own costume because I am not dressing him up as Minnie Mouse or Belle.  Phew!

We ended the morning with a run to Starbucks for strawberry banana smoothies.  Cheers!

After a nice nap we decided to do a little pumpkin playground.  There wasn't much to it, but it was perfect for Samantha and her friend C.  It had a slide and an awesome corn box that Zach especially loved playing in.

They also had a fun corn maze!  Thankfully it wasn't super hard so we didn't have to worry too much about getting lost.  The kids loved it and enjoyed telling us which way to go when we got to the turns.

Our final stop was a wagon ride to go check out the pumpkins.  This is one of the only patches in our area where you get to pick pumpkins straight from where they grow.  Thankfully we already had our pumpkins and didn't need to buy any as most of the nice ones had already been picked.

I'd admit I am going to be sad once Halloween is over as I love all of these festivities.  At least we have another month to think about pumpkins and yummy pumpkin pie!!

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