Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the week of blowouts!

Since long before Samantha was born, or even conceived, I knew I wanted to cloth diaper.  Soon after our miscarriage I started collecting diapers and have never stopped.  Samantha was born at 6 pounds 12 ounces so a lot of her diapers, including newborns, were still too big on her when we brought her home from the hospital. For the beginning, I used disposables, and we still do use disposables at night until I get brave enough to take the plunge into night time cloth diapering.  We first got Huggies All Natural diapers which gave Samantha a horrible rash.  Even though she was too tiny, I attempted to use some cloth and within a day of her being in cloth, the rash was gone!  Amazing!  We then switched to Pampers which is what we've been using since.  Thankfully she doesn't have much of a reaction to these and they've worked well for us.

Typically, I will only use disposables at night, while babysitting all day, and while traveling.  Well this past week, I got sort of lazy and disposable diapered pretty much every day.  Samantha used to be a once a week pooper but recently has started going more often.  Well guess what, every.single.time this week Samantha has pooped, it's been a blowout.  Ick!!  I can't tell you how many outfits I've changed due to them being covered in poop.  Sometimes, I'd open the diaper to find hardly anything in there, yet it's still up her back!  Yesterday, I finally got her back in cloth and sure enough...she pooped.  But guess what?  It was all safely contained in her cloth diaper.  Thank goodness!  As a matter of fact, in my 6ish months of on/off cloth diapering, I think she's only had one poopy "blow out" and that was because the diaper she was wearing was way too big.  Just a little drop leaked out of one of the legs, but not enough to make a mess or anything.  They are seriously amazing.

So there you have two of the many reasons I LOVE cloth diapering!!!


CatKity said...

We've never had a blowout thank goodness. There have been quite a few that would have been though had he been in sposies. For night we use fitted diapers with wool covers. He's a touch damp in the morning but not wet through. Got tired of the pockets leaking. I have a soaker I made that is a little small on M if you want to try it. Works over prefolds too. I love that it breathes.

Lindsay said...

Ethan has never had a diaper rash OR a blowout, thank goodness. We're pretty happy with the 7th Generation disposables on both accounts!

Stephanie H. said...

Sam just had a blowout in a 7th Generation!! LOL. I wonder if she needs to move up a size, these seem a little snug but not too bad. She's definitely still a 2 in pampers though.