Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Monday??

I've needed a crown since September of last year.  I was around 6 weeks pregnant during that cleaning when I was told I had yet another cavity in my back right molar.  Of course, I put it off.  I was going to get it once Samantha was born, but once she got here, it got put off some more.  I mean, honestly, we don't have $750 sitting around to have the procedure done.  I asked about a payment plan and of course, there is only one option.  Their idea of a payment plan is half at the first visit and half at the second visit.  So essentially, you need to pay $750 in one week.  (You go for the second visit one week after the first)  Yeah, that doesn't sound like a very good payment plan to me.  My tooth hasn't hurt, it wasn't broken, and we didn't have money.  So the logical solution was to keep putting it off.

...that is, until Friday rolled around.  I got home from wherever I was and decided to eat a fruit roll up.  A few bites in and I felt a pop and I just knew that the crown was going to be in my immediate future.  Sure enough, I ran my tongue across my teeth and half of my back tooth was missing.  Gross!!  I immediately called my dentist who scheduled me for the first thing this morning after complaining "if only I had called earlier".  Well sorry my tooth only broke 30 seconds before, if I had planned on it breaking this evening I would have called you this morning!!!  I was so nervous going to the dentist and well, it was with good reason.  I had an x-ray done and the break is super close to my nerve.  Soooooo, on Thursday I get the pleasure of going for my very first root canal.  I'm pretty nervous but I hope it goes well.

On a happy note, I ordered a few cloth diapers the other day and they should be in my mailbox by the time I get home.  I guess a good consolation prize!

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