Monday, October 3, 2011

Kerry & Ben come to visit

We had special visitors yesterday!  Chris's sister Kerry and her husband Ben came to visit us from Connecticut.  This was especially exciting since besides a cousin up in Maryland and a distant cousin about 10 minutes away, we have absolutely no family here in Virginia.  I grew up in Chicago and Chris grew up in Connecticut and our respective families are pretty much all still there.

Kerry and Ben have only met Samantha once, back in August when I went up to Connecticut for the Britney Spears concert.  (Which was a TON of fun, by the way)  Samantha was slightly grumpy since we're in the midst of transitioning to her sleeping in the pack and play at night after an incident of her falling out of the bed while we coslept.  However, she pretty much immediately took to Ben...and I think Ben liked her too.  Ben enjoyed barking at Samantha, and she just though it was great and was always ready to give a big smile!!  Unfortunately she cried when Kerry held her, but what can I say, she loves her mommy!

Chris, Samantha, and I are headed up to Connecticut on Friday for the Columbus Day weekend where most of Chris's family will get to see Samantha for the second time.  It's unfortunate that our families live so far away but it certainly makes the time we do get to spend together that much more special.


Kerry Freeman said...

she did cry!!!!!!

VHMPrincess said...

Cute pic! I also see someone I know in the back of that pic!! :-)