Saturday, October 29, 2011

let the festivities begin!

It has been so much fun this year celebrating all of Samantha's first holidays.  So I was especially excited for today to begin our Halloween festivities!  We started off this afternoon with our playgroup's Halloween party.  There were 57 people scheduled to show up PLUS all their babies!!  I'm pretty sure all of the 57 parents showed up so it was a full house.  But we had a blast with everyone.  There was delicious food and delicious deserts.  I just LOVED the confused looks on many of the babies' faces wondering what the heck was going on.  I tried to get pictures, but the problem with photographing babies is none of them want to look at the camera, let alone all at the same time.  Here is me and Samantha with our friends Megan and Caleb.  And Amy - I know you read here...for some reason all the ones with all three of us came out blurry.  :-(  So I hope one of the ones your husband got came out nice!!!

After the playgroup party we headed to my cousin's house for our second Halloween party.  This was an adult only party so we didn't stay too long since we didn't have a sitter for Samantha.  But we did bring her in her kitty costume so she fit in.  My cousin was dressed as Rainbow Bright and looked so cute!!  Her husband was a hockey player.  Unfortunately by this point Samantha was getting very tired so we only stayed for about an hour.  A highlight of the party though was when one of the guests actually recognized Samantha from her little bit on the news the other day.  How cool is that?!  Here is Samantha and I with my cousin, Vanessa.

By the time we got home, Samantha was WIPED.  She will typically wake up the second you remove her from her car seat but for the first time ever, she didn't even stir.  The poor little thing was just exhausted.

Now we can look forward to Monday when we will be taking her Trick or Treating!!!


Lindsay said...

I so love your playgroup! I wish ours did a Halloween party, though there aren't even close to 50-something people! I wanna join your group!

Adorable photos, and that last one is too cute! SLEEPY KITTY!

Stephanie H. said...

Aww! There are 60 members in our group (they just closed the group to new members since we have so many. Crazy there were only 14 when I joined when Samantha was 9-ish weeks old). So there were probably about half of the members there, plus all of their husbands. They are having a Thanksgiving Potluck too, as well as a Christmas party. This settles it -- you and your family must move to Virginia to join our playgroup. George Poveromo's Virginia Saltwater Fishing can be his new gig. Really we are kinda close to the ocean!!!