Saturday, October 8, 2011

we are here!

We made it!  We left Virginia yesterday at 3:00 pm, only an hour later than scheduled.  Granted we DID leave the house at 2:07, only 7 minutes late.  But, we had to stop at Target to pick up our new contacts and then we got Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  As we pulled out of the Target parking lot and got the GPS up and running, I saw that we should pull into Chris' parents house around 8:30.  Sounds nice, right?  We got on the road and maybe 20 minutes in traffic suddenly came to a halt.  That stop quickly added another hour to our arrival time.  Okay, not so bad.  This is also the point where Samantha started crying.  I quickly hopped into the back of the car and found out the problem...the sun was coming in through the back seat and shining right in her face.  We have a shade on the side window but it clips up top so there was no way to attach it in the back.  Chris had a jacket back there, so I resorted to holding it up across the windows!!  My arms got sore rather quickly so then I cupped my hands and put them over her face.  Oh, the things we do for our babies.  Thankfully she then fell asleep and I was able to relax for a little bit.  We hit a little back up in Pennsylvania and then got it really bad again going to cross over the George Washington bridge into Manhattan.  What a horrible bridge.  Traffic sucks and it now costs $12 to go over.  TWELVE DOLLARS!!!  Crazy.  By cheating a little, we cut about an hour of "stuck in traffic" time and got over on the lower level.  Traffic in New York and Connecticut was smooth sailing and we arrived at his parents in Wallingford at 11:30.  Only three extra hours.  Oy!  We quickly ate dinner and then headed to bed.  So part one of the ride officially went well.

Today however is a completely different story.  Samantha decided that napping was not in the game plan.  I got her almost to sleep twice and then attempted to put her down either in the crib or travel swing and she would instantly wake up.  So, she didn't have a nap all morning.  Couple this with any of Chris' six brothers and sisters (plus their respective husbands/wives/significant others) plus nieces and nephews coming in and out and poking and prodding at Samantha, and well, you can imagine how the afternoon went.  I finally decided to put her in the Ergo and just walk around.  Thank goodness for the Ergo.  She ended up falling asleep for a little while which was nice, but even when she woke up she was still really cranky.  So overall, it was a really long day and I am praying tomorrow goes better.  We'll hope she gets a good night sleep and tomorrow is a new day.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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