Monday, November 11, 2013

Sensory Bin Take 3: The Yellow Bin

These past two weeks we've been the proud "owners" of the yellow sensory bin!  (In case you noticed there was no Take 2, we were on vacation for the first week of that round and Samantha was super sick for the majority of the second week.  Thankfully, the owner of that awesome bin said we can play with it again after the rotation is over!)

Here is the yellow bin!  It has a base of beans and is filled with all sorts of yellow goodies.  There is a strainer, cups, a monster truck, spoon, measuring cup, brush, and a few other little odds and ends.

My favorite part of this bin is that it is so simple!  I find with busy bins, Samantha will easily get distracted and try to play with all the components at once, which makes it hard to stick to a certain goal.  Tonight we did transferring with the spoon both into the small bowl and into the measuring cup.

She was very focused on moving the beans without spilling any.

My goal was to move 10 beans into the measuring cup but that didn't happen.  I showed her how to move the beans one by one but she wanted to take giant handfuls!!  She did count to 10 and stopped after she added the 10 scoops.  She also enjoyed dumping all the beans back into the bin.

Tonight we also played with the monster truck on the floor.  Thankfully Zach was already asleep when we brought this out because he would have loved it!

This has been such a fun bin!  Oh and another plus, the beans are nice and big so it makes for easy clean up when some (or all) of the beans inevitably end up on the floor!!  Thanks T for this great yellow bin!

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