Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hump Daaaaay!

Today is Wednesday which means it is "Jesus class" day!!  A friend of ours from playgroup goes to a local church that has an amazing class for 2-3 year olds each week called "Toddling Time With Jesus".  Each week we begin with a song about the Bible that Samantha loves.  I wish I could give credit but I have no idea where the teacher got it and I can't find it online.  It goes like this (to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat):

This is God's special book,
yes it's God's book you see.
I learn about all God has done
and his love for me.

This is repeated twice and at the end we all raise our hands and yell BIBLE!  After our song we move to a storyboard which goes over the story of the month.  There are 3 different sides and the kids get to take turns coming up to point out various pieces of the pictures.  Samantha loves this part!  After the story we all stand in a circle and sing a few songs that have lots of actions and motions to go along with them.  It's so cute to watch all the kids moving around.  We sang a really cute song today, but I can't remember it at all. Hopefully we will sing it again next week and I can remember it!  After singing, they all move to the reading corner where the teacher reads a few books.  Then, Samantha's favorite part, craft and snacks.

Today, we made scarecrows and our snack was pretzels pretending to be bails of hay.  So cute!

I love "Jesus Class" and Samantha looks forward to going to it every week.  One of the huge perks of this class is that it is free!!  How awesome.  We are so grateful to have this wonderful opportunity.

After class we headed home for a quick lunch and then it was off to the movies.  We had a new movie theater open up on Monday in the town over from us.  To celebrate, they were having a $2 special.  $2 tickets, $2 popcorn, and $2 pop.  Can't beat that!  We let Samantha choose the movie and she, of course, chose Planes.  She was super excited to see it again.

The theater was very nice and clean.  The screens were HUGE and the seats were also very comfortable.  I definitely give this theater an A.  Much nicer than the one in our town and I have a feeling we will be driving the extra little bit to return to this theater in the future.  It was so nice to get out and do something together as a family.  Even if it meant missing nap time and meltdowns of epic proportions from both kids once we got home!

We left and I ran into Kohls quick to look for pants and came outside to a gorgeous sunset!!  We have been getting these a lot lately and I just love it.  There is something about a beautiful sunset that is just so cathartic, I see one and my worries just melt away.  How can you not be awestruck by their beauty?   Life is so good!

The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders;
where morning dawns,
where evening fades,
you call forth songs of joy.
Psalm 65:8

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