Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy 11 Months!

Today our little man Zachary is 11 months old.  It is hard to believe that in one short month he will be an entire year.  Seriously, where has the time gone?  Yesterday, I had a dentist appointment and was talking to the dentist about how fast time goes after you've had kids.  The last time I saw her (their office has 3 different dentists and you don't see the same one each time) she was pregnant and I was shocked to learn yesterday that her little boy is now a year and a half!  Wow!  I remember when I was younger thinking that we had all the time in the world to do things and now with the blink of an eye, years have passed.  Tonight, before putting Samantha to bed it was hard not to get sad over how quickly she is growing up.  Earlier this evening the iPad fell and hurt her nose and she wanted to cuddle, I sat with her for a few minutes and then moved over to read my book.  As I was hugging her goodnight, I was overcome with a huge sense of guilt.  Why was I so eager to read my book?  Time with them being so little, and wanting to cuddle, is precious.  One day, they aren't going to want to sit on my lap...they aren't going to want to hear me tell them I love them. (Though don't worry, I will continue to do so whether they like it or not!)  With life being so hectic, it's so hard to just slow down and appreciate what you have.  I need to remember to do that a lot more often. They don't stay little forever.

This evening I attempted to take Zach's 11 month photos.  These photos got hard many months ago, and today was no exception.

He is growing up way too fast and developing such the little personality.  He is cruising all over the place and standing on his own for longer and longer periods of time.  I am so curious to know if he will walk before his first birthday.  Samantha didn't walk until she was 14 months.  Also unlike Samantha, he already has 8 teeth! (Samantha didn't get her first until almost 14 months)  He is so smart and doing things I never expected him to do.  Today I was resting on the couch since I've been sick and he was grabbing at the baby monitor.  Our monitor has the ability to play music and he's accidently turned it on in the past which has woken Samantha up.  I took the monitor and hid it under the blanket and he cruised right over and lifted the blanket to get it. After shooing him away, he played for awhile and then came back and picked up the blanket again!  So funny.  Seems like everything he does has been so much faster than Sam.

It's also hard to believe that at this point in Samantha's life, I got pregnant with Zachary.  I have always been saying I can't even imagine getting pregnant again.  Well, I do want more kids, but not yet!  In the past few weeks though, something has switched and now I have baby fever again.  However, now is definitely not the time to get pregnant so I'm trying to put those thoughts in the back of my mind.  I honestly still can't imagine being pregnant right now, as much as I want to be.  It would be so hard with a 2.5 year old and a nearly 1 year old.  It was hard enough being pregnant with Zach, but with two...forget it!  I think I'd lose my sanity!! Hopefully we can re-evaluate in a few months and decide when the time is right.

For now though, I am enjoying my two little people so much!  I love watching them grow every day and seeing them as they learn and discover new things.  Zach is such an amazing little guy and he absolutely LOVES his big sister.  It's so funny watching Samantha do things like jumping up and down or clapping and watching Zach try to do exactly what she is doing.  He so wants to be like her and I love that.  They are the very best of friends (and can be the very best of enemies too!) and I wouldn't have it any other way.  He loves our kitties, eating, playing outside.  You name it, he probably likes it!  He is such a laid back little guy and he is such a joy to be around.

Happy 11 months little guy, I love you more than you will every know!

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