Monday, November 4, 2013

A Great Find...

The other day I had to go to Staples to pick up envelopes for Zach's party invitations.  Samantha was running all over the place so we ended up browsing more of the store than I had originally planned on. Tucked way in the back there was a stand of clearance items ranging from $1 to around $5 so I decided to check it out.  I ended up finding reusable sticker books for $1.  They had a nice variety of books for both boys and girls and from what I could tell, a variety of age ranges.  I ended up picking 3 of the younger looking books for Samantha.  This afternoon we brought them out and let Samantha pick a book to work in.

I said we could do two pages so we started with the first page (that had an activity on it).

Samantha loved matching the stickers to the spots where they belonged.  She did great naming all of the colors and telling me each item she was sticking down.

We then moved on to the next activity.

This was a great book and for $1 you really can't beat it.  I love that the stickers are reusable so I can take them off so she can do the pages over and over again!!

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