Saturday, February 25, 2012

Halfway Point

Drew's stay is half over already.  Where has the weekend gone?  Today Mr. Drew woke up snotty and cranky so it was quickly declared a PJ day.  In Samantha's 10.5 months, we have only had 1 PJ day, and it was pretty recent so this was quite a treat.  He started off the day with a nice warm bottle.

After everyone was fed, we decided to play house.  Drew absolutely LOVED this toy!!

More dancing by the gate.  This gate is brand new so I'm still cracking up watching them stand there trying to get through to me.

Chris was a lifesaver this morning and made a coffee run.  I'd be lost without Dunkin' Donuts and the day would have been far more miserable.

Drew had a photo op with the cats.  Unfortunately Wrigley and Cobalt weren't too into it and I wasn't able to get a great picture.

Then the cranky was upped a few notches.  Poor Drew!

After a much needed nap, it was time to play at the activity table.

This afternoon, we Face Timed with Aunt Pam, Gram, Jimby, Aunt Joni, Aunt Audrey, and Uncle Dave down in Florida.

Since it was happy hour, Samantha decided to throw one back with them.

Next in the line up was Samantha's Grandpa Babu, Drew's Great Uncle Bruce.  (my dad)

Then all the stinky babies got a bath and we decided to have their last snack as a picnic.

Samantha's close up.

And Drew's close up.  It pained me to put him in these pajamas but I figured we're going to church in the morning so he'll be forgiven!!!

Day Three was long and exhausting, I'll give it a 75% success!!

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