Friday, February 24, 2012

Day Two!

Today was Drew's second day here, and it was a long one!!  Katie told me he typically gets up at 6:00am so I sort of half slept through the night since I was afraid I'd miss him if he cried.  I dreaded the clock hitting 6:00 but thankfully, Drew was feeling extra nice and slept all the way until 6:40!!  Thanks Drew!

We got up and played for a while and then at "nap" time, I took my shower.  Unfortunately neither of them felt like taking a nap, but thankfully, they weren't too cranky.  Drew says, "Stop taking pictures and get me out of here!"

Then it was time for playgroup.  Thankfully today's playgroup was at our house so we didn't have to go anywhere.  Here are Samantha, Drew, and Caleb trying to escape.  Isabella sat so nicely in the background.

Samantha was sad to see Megan and Caleb leaving.

Then Chris came home!!!

Everyone snacked on puffs and played a little more.

Then it was bath time.  Tonight's theme was spikes!

Miss Samantha doesn't have enough hair for spikes, so she just smiled.

Drew even got to get his hair combed!  I'm so bummed this one came out blurry.  :-(

Samantha wasn't really in the mood to participate.

And then the day was over.  Phew!!

Day two = success!!!


diane said...

I love the one with the 3 behind the fence or in a cage, whichever. funny

Rachel Knaack said...

This is so cute! I can't wait to have playgroups!