Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Full Term!

Today marks 37 weeks and I am officially full term!!  So exciting.  I feel like this pregnancy has flown by which is crazy since the first two seemed to go on and on forever.  Today we went and got a new lens for my DSLR so we can take pictures in the hospital once the baby is born.  The lens has been broken since before Samantha's 2nd birthday so I'm thrilled that I finally have a working one again.  Phew!!  I am also in the process of washing the coming home outfits and then I'm going to wash the swaddle blankets and the hospital bag will be ready to go!  Thank goodness!

Today I had my 37 week check up and biophysical profile exam.  The check up went well, though I felt sort of silly having to ask what to do if I go into labor!!  You'd think since this is my third baby I would know, but I had emergency inductions with both Samantha and Zach so I'm kind of clueless.  She said to call when contractions are 10 minutes apart, which seems kind of early to me.  I see a different doctor next week so I will ask what her opinion is also.  I am Group B + though so I know I will have to get there somewhat early so that I can get the IV antibiotics.  I don't know how to compare my first two labors but with Samantha (Pitocin) I labored for around 9 hours and with Zachary (Cervidil) I labored for around 11 hours.  I know I need two doses of the medicine and I can't have penicillin as I am allergic.  I guess we'll see.  I had my cervix checked for the first time and as I expected nothing has happened.  She said I was a little effaced but didn't give me any numbers.  No dilation and my cervix is still long.  I never had any signs of labor with Sam and Zach so I'm not really expecting this to be much different.

The biophysical profile went well also.  Got to see baby in 3D again which was awesome.  At this point I think s/he looks a lot like Samantha as a baby.  In previous ultrasounds though, I think s/he favored Zach!  It will be neat to see who s/he looks like at birth.  Baby passed the BPP with flying colors.  My fluid has dropped some, it was slightly under 13 and it was around 18 a week ago.  I've been averaging between 96-128 oz of water per day so I do think that I'm drinking enough.  Definitely a LOT more than I drank with Sam and Zach.  We'll see where my numbers land next week.  The ultrasound didn't measure the weight, but according to my tickers the baby is the size of a winter melon, whatever the heck that is!  At the scan next week the guess was 6 pounds 8 ounces.  I'm hoping it was an over guess, I don't want a huge baby!!  Samantha was 6 pounds 12 ounces and Zach was 6 pounds 15 ounces.  I think right around that size again would be perfect.

At this point I am still feeling pretty good.  Been having some uncomfortable Braxton hicks contractions but nothing too painful.  I'm feeling motivated to get things done though I do have to take frequent breaks to rest.  I am super anxious to meet our baby but still trying to really enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy!

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