Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Sorry this is a day late!  I was fully intending on posting yesterday but the day got away with me and I just never got around to it.  We slept in a little bit and got up around 8:30.  Must take advantage of these days while we can!!  We were all still exhausted from our hospital stay so it was nice to not have to rush around.  Once downstairs we checked out our stockings.  My favorite gift that Samantha got in her stocking was this absolutely adorable froggie hat!!

She looks SO cute in it!!!  We then moved onto our gifts.  Our tree was absolutely packed and there was a ton to open.  I'm not going to list each and every gift because that would just take too long, haha!!  Some favorites were as follows:

Chris: tons of work shirts, a daddy & me frame with a picture of him and Samantha, a drill

Me: video baby monitor, iPad keyboard, family calendar, ornaments, and Beco carrier (it hasn't come yet but I know it's coming, lol)

Samantha: two cell phones, tea set, piano, play home, ball dropper, tons of books and clothes

Seriously though, Samantha loves absolutely everything she got.  There isn't a single toy she doesn't want to play with.  We had such a wonderful Christmas and I am just so thankful that we got to spend it at home and not in the hospital.

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Lindsay said...

YESSSSSSSSSS! A VIDEO MONITOR!!! I was feeling so bad you didn't win one! This is awesome.

And I LOVE the froggie hat! She looks adorable in hers! Ethan outgrew his and that makes me sad!

So glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas at home!