Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the countdown begins

The countdown is on!  With only 4 days until Christmas there is still SO much I have left to do.  I have wrapped all but two of DH's gifts, but Samantha's gifts are a while different story.  I have not wrapped a single one.  I've got great plans for her Santa gifts (am I allowed to post that?  I hope no kids are reading!!) which I can't wait to do.  I'm going to wrap them all in plain brown paper and today I got a clear stamp set to stamp her name onto handmade gift tags.  I'm pretty excited for my project.  Then we can keep it consistent every year.  I have a whole array of wrapping paper for the other gifts which I'm equally excited about...almost!  No matter what though, I am super super excited for our very first Christmas with Samantha.  I can already tell how magical it is going to be and just how much Samantha is going to enjoy it.

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