Thursday, December 29, 2011

lets get organized!

As we wrap up Samantha's first Christmas season it's pretty evident that we have a ton of toys and nowhere to put them.  Today, I set out to change that.  We are currently in the process of doing over our basement which will eventually have a little play area for Samantha so I had to keep that in mind.  After talking it over with Chris we decided to get storage bins for the play area and a toy chest for upstairs.  I ended up selecting a Circo storage set which just so happened to be on sale at Target.  Score!!

This was part way through my organizing and there are even more toys in there now!!  Her larger toys are all in the family room until the basement is ready for them.  As of now, the basement is still pretty unusable.  We bought the house with a finished basement but have never really made much of it.  Now that we have Samantha, it's super important to make it into a usable space.  A few weeks ago Chris painted the walls in the colors I chose.  All the walls are a medium shade of gray and there is a slight bump out on the ceiling that is a slightly darker gray.  Samantha's play area has a wall that we painted with chalkboard paint which I am really super excited about.  For Christmas, my Aunt Pam gave Samantha a set of foam alphabet letters so that the floor will be padded and then we will get a gate to close it off.  It's going to be super nice.

The other half of the basement will house a big screen tv and wrap around couch.  At some point I'm hoping to get a pool table or air hockey table for the area that divides the two spaces.  All in all, once it's finished it's going to be an awesome media/game/play room.  I can't wait!!

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Liz said...

I'm working on making a playroom in our basement too. I need a space for the boys to play that isn't the living room. I have to paint and get a rug down but it's taking shape.