Saturday, November 12, 2011

nom nom nom

Over my two years of nannying the twins, I went through a LOT of jars of baby food!!  Of course the food was purchased by their parents, however, I at one point picked up a few jars myself for them and I was shocked at the price. has their organic baby food priced between $11.49 and $16.79.  That's a whopping $1.39 per jar.  There are also several brands of all organic pouches which also average well over $1 each.  When you figure your baby should be getting 2-3 servings of solids per day, these expenses add up fast!  I then thought back to my sleepless nights when Samantha was a newborn and I was left half awake to watch infomercials all through the night.  There was one infomercial that played just about every single night...The Baby Bullet.  They must know that all those new mommies and daddies have nothing to watch so they will lure us in with their yummy baby food and how quickly and easily you can prepare meals for your little one.  Sure enough, I got sucked in.

I did some research and found out that I could pick up a Baby Bullet machine at my local Target store.  The price was greatly reduced which was a plus, and I didn't have to pay shipping and handling.  I got my Baby Bullet for $59.99.  I'm not sure if prices have changed, but the Baby Bullet is currently listed for $99.95 plus $19.95 shipping and processing.  That's half price!!  I do notice, however, that now on the Baby Bullet site it does come with a few more pieces than what I purchased, however, I don't think those were options when I bought mine.  My set came with a power base, batch bowl, short bowl, two blades, batch tray, storage cups, storage tray, and spatula.  It also included a user manual/cookbook as well as a pocket nutritionist which is great for bringing to the store for quick information.  Now on the website, you get an additional short cup as well as two stay fresh resealable lids which I'm assuming are so you can store food in the short cups.  You can now also get a free Turbo Steamer (just pay $9.95 S&P) as well as a Magic Bullet set ($19.95 S&P).  That's a grand total of $149.90.  (Wow, glad I stuck with Target!)  The only thing here I think I'd want is the steamer because we don't have one and I spend lots of time boiling all of the food I cook, which unfortunately looses a lot of the nutrients.  I do use the water from boiling to make the puree a little smoother so that helps, but I would much rather have a steamer.

I think my favorite Baby Bullet feature (which I forgot to photograph!) is the date dial on the storage cups.  That white ring up there has all the dates 1-31 listed and you just turn the ring until the correct day is circled. Then you know exactly when you made your food so you are sure to not keep it too long.  It's great when you are super sleep deprived and forgetful.  Which I still am at 7 months in!!!

As you can see from my photos, today I made Samantha sweet potatoes.  I used one potato and filled all six storage cups and still had puree left over.  After the potato boiled, it took me less than 5 minutes to peel, add water, blend, and dispatch.  It is seriously so quick and easy.  I just love the little faces on each of the bowls and cups.  I really enjoy making Samantha's food and I am even starting to look forward to it.  Making my own baby food has been so much more economical than purchasing jars of food and now I know exactly what is going into my baby's little tummy.  It has honestly been one of the best baby related purchases we've made!!


Lindsay said...

Ethan will start solids at six months and we're getting a Baby Bullet! I want the steamer, too. So excited about this and so excited to hear you love it!

Maggie said...

There is an old fashioned steamer that looks like a collapsible collander... you just put it in a sauce pan with a little water in it, put the veggies on top of it, and put the lid on the sauce pan. It holds the food out of the water so it gets cooked by the steam instead of the water. Like this one I'm sure they have similar ones at Target or wherever else you look. c: