Tuesday, November 22, 2011

meet the sippy cup

We first started giving Samantha a sippy cup at 4 months on the dot.  She is now 7.5 months and still has no idea what she's doing!!  Sam was pretty much on bottles for the first 10 weeks of her life and since then we haven't looked back.  Chris has tried several times while I've been away but she's never taken more than an ounce so this whole 'drink from a piece of plastic' thing is all new to her.

We've been giving her the sippy cup here and there but nothing really ever came of it.  However, tonight I think we finally made some progress.  Samantha was sitting in her high chair and I gave her a cup of water while I prepared her sweet potatoes.  When I came over I noticed her shirt was a little wet.  I watched her suck on the top and her eyes got wide with shock as the cold water went into her mouth.  Now most of it ended up on her shirt but at least she's figuring how to get it out!!  I'm hoping if we keep on practicing she'll be drinking like a champ in no time.  She is growing up way too fast, but boy she looks adorable with her cup!!


Lindsay said...

ADORABLE!!! I tried Ethan on his sippy cup a couple of days ago with an ounce of Pedialite. The first time he did great but I guess it was a fluke because now he can't figure the cup out at all. LOL.

Melissa said...

It's not unusual for kids to not drink from sippy-cups until close to a year old. My daughter is 9 months and still doesn't drink from them! Like you, I still offer it to her, though. It usually ends up all over her shirt or bib, haha.

I was actually surprised the first time I learned that you could introduce sippy cups as little as four months. It just seems so early!