Friday, November 4, 2011

it's their birthday!

Today we celebrated all three of our kitties birthdays.  In reality, it's only two of their birthdays but it's just easier to do it all at once.  Penelope turned 3 back on August 3rd and today Wrigley and Cobalt are 4.  It is hard to believe since we got all of them when they were around 8 weeks old, so they have certainly grown a lot.  We got a little ice cream cake and celebrated except Chris and I were the only ones to enjoy the cake.  We left little pieces out for the kitties and they kind of tasted it, but not much and I still think it's too early for Samantha to have dairy.

Overall, I think they had a great birthday.  Time really is flying!!  Before we know it, it's going to be Samantha's first birthday!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sammy has dairy every day! When we were little we got milk-not formula. Ice cream is Dairy product!. Sammy's great grandpa would be so disappointed!