Thursday, November 3, 2011

i want a lefty!

Am I the only person that wonders early on what hand my child is going to write with?  Probably not.  I am so excited to see which hand Samantha will use.  Ever since we put her in her in her jumparoo for the first time at 4 months, Samantha has preferred using only one foot to jump.  Over the past 3 months, she has continued to only jump on her right foot.  I got to thinking, does her choosing her right foot mean something in terms of which hand she is going to write with?  So, I set out to find an answer...or at least an idea of an answer.

I first gave the test to me and my husband.  I balanced on my right foot while my husband balanced on his left.  I am left handed, he is right.  The next day, I asked my friend Megan.  She is right handed, and balanced on her left foot.  So far, so good!  I also blog privately over at livejournal and decided to poll my friends over there.  Out of my 30 some friends, 13 answered my poll.  So not a huge population, but good enough for a general idea.  I first asked them to stand up, balance on one foot, and report back with which foot was on the ground.  Then a few days later I polled them to find out which hand they used to write with.  I decided to wait a few days so that they didn't put any thought into balancing vs. dominant hand.

Last night I had a chance to compile all the results and see how they turned out.  Out of the 16 participants 12 of them balanced on the foot opposite of their preferred writing hand.  That's 75%!!!  Pretty interesting.

Based on her jumping on her right foot, will she also be left handed?  Only time will tell!

What about you?  What foot do you balance on?  What hand do you write with?

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