Thursday, August 4, 2016


With kindergarten just around the corner for my oldest daughter one thing that is very daunting to me is packing a school lunch.  I've never really been a food planner and for breakfast and lunch it's usually just a spur of the moment decision as I'm getting ready to cook.  However I know for school I'm going to need to be more on the ball and most likely even prepare and pack her lunch the night before.  With social media as big as it is these days I can tell that some parents go ALL OUT with their kids lunches.  I'll be honest and say that with 2 other young kids at home my time is valuable and fancy lunches most likely aren't going to happen.  Or so I thought!  A few months ago I came across FunBites!  These food cutter sets make creating a fun lunch SO easy.  FunBites was nice enough to send me their pink hearts set to try out and we have absolutely loved it.

The cutter is a two piece set which is great since you don't have to fiddle with getting your cutouts out of the mold once you are done pressing them.  There is one open piece that has the openings to cut your designs and the second piece is all the shapes filled in so once you press it down, the cutouts easily pop out. Super easy!

What I love the most about FunBites is how versatile they are.  I have tried other brands of sandwich cutters before and they are just that...sandwich cutters.  FunBites, however, are made of a super hard plastic which allows it to cut more than just bread.  It can cut cheese, fruit, sandwiches thicker than a generic pb&g.  Seriously, this can get through anything!  To add to the versatility as you can see in the picture the heart cutout is made up of hearts, half circles, and triangles!  This allows for so much creativity when making your designs.  My kids loved building circles and castles.  The possibilities are endless.

Here are examples of strawberries, cheese, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I tend to prefer using it to cut out fruits/veggies/cheese and other things that are either very thin or very hard.  I noticed with the peanut butter and jelly that the cutter is so strong that it almost squished the sandwich down to nothing.  The kids didn't seem to mind it though, so it's still a win for me!

Now here is the best part, FunBites are normally $9.99 each.  Today though FunBites has teamed up with Good Morning America and they have a deal that can't be beat!  If you visit THIS link there are 3 different sets of four FunBites for just $18!!  (Shipping for me was $5, not sure if it is different depending on region)  I'm excited to have so many options for making lunches this upcoming school year.

Also be on the lookout because this fall, FunBites is releasing a PAW PATROL cutout!!!  My son is going to be so excited to try them and I am too!

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