Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jesus Class!

Today is Wednesday and you know what that means?  It's Jesus Class day!!!  With all of the crazy weather Virginia has been getting, Jesus class seems to have been cancelled more  often than not, so Samantha has been getting especially excited on days we actually get to go.  Oh and for the record, I do not think that this weather is crazy at all.  It's SNOW people....just snow.  I find it ridiculous that everything needs to get shut down for just a little bit of snow.  But that's another post for another day!!

I have to admit I was a little nervous heading to class today.  Samantha has been struggling quite a bit with not getting what she wants lately and it's been incredibly frustrating for me.  For example, some days our teacher Mrs. S will hand out scarves that the kids will use to dance with for a song.  She walks around the circle, pulls a scarf out of the bag, and hands it to each child.  Samantha is desperate for the purple scarf.  Last week Samantha didn't get the purple scarf, truthfully I don't think she's ever gotten the purple scarf, but anyways this causes her to have a complete meltdown.  Like on the floor screaming and crying meltdowns.  Last week I got her calmed down enough to stop crying but she refused to participate in the song/dance and wanted nothing to do with the class.  After the scarf song Mrs. S brought out a giant board filled with colorful patterned tiles.  She then handed out corresponding tiles to each of the children that they got to take turns matching with the tiles on the board.  There was a pink tile on the board and that was the one Samantha wanted.  She didn't get it...another meltdown took place.  This time I took her out of class and we ended up sitting in the hallway for the rest of the activity and into story time.  Thankfully she did okay for the rest of class.  Before class today (and during the week too) we talked about how we don't always get what we want and have to be happy with what we're given.  This was always answered with "but I want the purple scarf."  Oy!  We talked about it the whole way to class and kept repeating our little mantra that we always say before going to Kid Care at the gym "Nooooo crying!".  I was so scared to see if she would actually not cry through the class.  Thank God, there was no scarf activity today so I didn't even have to worry about it.  It is so nerve wracking never knowing when your child is going to melt down.  I'm sure this is normal 2 year old behavior but still.  Someone please reassure me that this is normal...please?

Thankfully we made it through class without a hitch.  Well, until the end at least when she cried because we had to leave.  This week we learned about triangles.  Samantha is great with shapes so this was pretty fun.  We sang a song about triangles and we even got to play a real triangle!  Samantha got a kick out of hitting it but freaked out when it made the sound.  She sort of cowered into my lap!!  Hopefully she can still have a future in music though!  Our craft was these seriously adorable little turtles.

Samantha loved making this!!  She actually liked putting the glue onto the triangles and giving them to me to paste on.  It was a great team project.  For snack we got triangle strawberries and triangle crackers.  Yummy!!

Jesus class is so much fun and sadly, we only have a few weeks left before it's over.  I can't wait to sign up for next year!

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