Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ooey Gooey *Edible* Slime!!

A few days ago I came across a blog post at Blog Me Mom for 1ingredient edible slime.  This was perfect for us because lets face it, with a 14 month old in the house EVERYTHING ends up in his mouth.

  • Fiber supplement with Psyllium (For orange slime, plain Metamucil will work, but if you want colored slime, you need to buy a clear store brand that has the ingredient Psyllium)
  • water
  • food coloring
  • microwave safe bowl
This recipe is seriously so easy!!  Take 1 tablespoon of fiber supplement, add your food coloring, mix in 1 cup of water and pop into the microwave for 5 minutes.  Be sure to stay by the microwave because the mix will bubble up a lot and you want to make sure it doesn't spill over.

Here is what our mix started out like.  I went to two stores and could not find a clear supplement that also contained Psyllium so I ended up purchasing the store brand orange flavored stuff.  I decided to try out coloring it anyways and I'm not too disappointed by the results.

I tried to get a picture of it bubbling up but I didn't have much luck.  It goes down pretty quickly when you open the microwave.
This was our first go around and I left it in the microwave for 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes this is what it looked like.
Zach loved playing with it but I think it could have cooked a little longer.  It wasn't "sticky" exactly but the pieces did seem to cling to the skin.  I also added WAY too much food coloring and Zach ended up looking like a smurf.

Here is the best part...he tried to eat it and I didn't have to worry!!  Such a great feeling.

Tonight, I gave the recipe a go for the second time.  Samantha requested pink slime but it didn't turn out pink unfortunately, it was more of a dark purple.  I made it the same way as yesterday but cooked it for 7 minutes instead of 5.  The bowl is significantly cleaner than my bowl from yesterday.  While playing my skin did get little flecks of slime here and there but nothing like the blue goo.  This time was so much better than yesterday.

Besides toying with the cook time, you can also adjust the amounts of fiber supplement and water to get different consistencies of goo.  We have that on our list of things to try and will be sure to post again once we have tried them all!!
While Samantha was busy with her slime this evening, Zachary was off having a nice chat with his Babu in Chicago.

I guess he had enough after yesterday!!

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