Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sensory Bin - Take 8: The Apple Bin

With all of the sickies going on around here, we didn't get to open our last sensory bin a single time.  :-(  I am super bummed but the awesome mom who made it has agreed to let us play once the rotations are over, so I am very excited about that!!

We just had the next been for two weeks and passed it on today.  It was this great apple picking bin.

Samantha seriously LOVED it.  She wanted to play with all the time.

Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures this week.  Samantha's favorite was sorting the apples, especially the ones with caterpillars on them.  She was also very good at separating them by size: small, medium, and large.  We were also able to do sorting with the different varieties of felt leaves and plastic gem apples and leaves.
She was also a fan of rice transferring.  She transferred the rice EVERYWHERE.  Into the round container, the truck, the crate, the floor!!  I definitely think I need to invest in a small tarp or start putting down a blanket because no matter how many times we tell her to keep the rice (or whatever contents the bin may have) it never seems to stay where it belongs!
Overall this was an amazing bins and definitely one of Samantha's favorites so far!!

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