Friday, November 14, 2014

Eliza is TWO months old!!!

Eliza - Two Months Old

Little Miss Eliza turned two months old yesterday!!  I waited until today to make her post since she had her 2 month check up with the pediatrician this morning and I wanted to have her official stats on hand.  Her checkup went great although yesterday she was extremely cranky and had a few poopy diapers so I could tell her little tummy must be bothering her.  At the doctors she got very upset and was crying so hard she had a massive poop which resulted in a leaking diaper and her getting poop all over my pants...right before the doctor walked into the room!  Thanks Eliza!!

Weight: 11.4 lbs (47%)
Length:  23 1/4in (82%)

Eliza is growing right on track which is great!  She is still significantly bigger than Samantha and Zachary were at this age.  It is so weird to have a baby that has rolls.  One day I was holding her and she turned her head just right and I could smell all the sour milk in her neck.  So gross!!  We never experienced that with Sam and Zach since there were no crevices for it to get stuck in.

Clothes: 0-3 and 3 months
Diapers: size 1 disposables, small cloth

Here we are pretty much the same as last month, with the exception of adding in some 3 month clothes.  The three month onesies are perfect since they fit just right over her cloth diapers.  Three month pants however are pretty big and come about halfway up her chest.  Big sister Samantha was born in April so the seasons aren't quite matching up, but I am trying not to buy too many clothes so we don't go overboard as I have a tendency to do.  I am buying her SOME stuff as just hers because I'd hate for her to only have hand-me-downs.  I know she is young so it doesn't matter as much now, but it is important to me that she has some things that are just hers as well.

Eating: Eliza is still exclusively breast fed.  We took her to a pediatric ENT when she was 13 days old at Georgetown University Hospital where we found out she is tongue tied as well as upper lip tied.  We had her tongue tie clipped and she has been doing much better at eating.  She loves her mama milk!

  • being wrapped
  • having her diaper changed
  • her big sister Samantha
  • having a wet diaper
  • when her big brother Zach smacks her on the head
  • pacifiers
  • being put down
  • tummy time
Milestones:  Eliza still has a decent startle reflex.  Even if she sees me coming her hands jump out when I touch her.  I feel bad but I can't help but smile when she does it.  It's so cute!  She hates being put down and therefore hates tummy time.  She pretty much screams every time we set her down.  She does spend a lot of time being wrapped and gets practice holding her head up that way.  She is still a tiny bit floppy but overall, she does an amazing job of keeping it up.  She started smiling at 6 weeks and really hasn't stopped.  She is still colicky and cries a ton, but when she is happy, she lets you know it!!  I love all the smiles I get out of her.  I love taking pictures and she's learned what the camera looks like.  The second I put it up to my eye she bursts out in smiles!  She has also started tracking this month.  If I get up to do something her eyes follow me to where I am going.  She will also follow toys or other objects that are close by to her.  She is very focused and likes people watching and sometimes watching TV.  Once she finds something interesting going on, her gaze doesn't break.  She has learned so much this month!

Siblings:  Samantha is still in love with having a little sister.  She asks to hold her all the time and is very helpful with bringing me clothes and diapers.  She will randomly come over and give Eliza hugs and kisses and say how much she loves having a baby sister.  Zach is about the same as last month.  He still enjoys smacking her on the head which of course, Eliza doesn't care for very much.  He does enjoy helping out though and throws away diapers and brings me clean ones when I ask him to.  He's also loves to mimic what Samantha is doing.  For example, if Sam comes over and gives Eliza a hug and kiss, Zach will race over and do the same.  He also will pat her belly when she is crying.  I think she is starting to grow on him just a little bit.  ;-)

Even though Eliza only gained a pound since last month, her look has definitely changed.  I put up all her monthly pictures in comparison shots, which I plan to do each month.

We rounded out our check up by getting 3 shots plus an oral vaccine.  We also left with a prescription for Zantac since Eliza seems to be showing some symptoms of acid reflux.  Samantha and Zach also had reflux so it's nothing new for us, but still sad to know your baby is hurting.  She was doing good but the past few days she has been refluxing quite a bit.  Our doctor said we don't have to fill the prescription if we don't want to so we plan on waiting it out a few days to see if yesterday was just a fluke or if it is, indeed, getting worse.  Hopefully it was just a fluke and we won't need the medicine.  Overall a great checkup and we're thrilled to know our girl is thriving!

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