Saturday, November 15, 2014

Annual Leaf Day!

Every year I look forward to our annual leaf day because I get to take such adorable pictures!!  Our lot hardly has any trees on it so we really don't have a ton of leaves and only get one good leaf raking day each year.  Chris decided today was the day!  Sadly, I think I was the most excited out of everyone because Sam and Zach weren't too into jumping and playing in the leaves.  Rather disappointing!!

Samantha was a little bit into it and didn't mind walking around in the leaves.  Unfortunately Chris made the pile backwards with the big mound facing the sun so the pictures turned out pretty crummy.  It was a little chilly out so I didn't waste time moving around the leaves to get better pictures.  Oh well!

Yeah...Zach was barely into it.  He was screaming!  It probably didn't help that it was already past lunch AND nap time so he was pretty unhappy with everything.  I seem to remember him acting like this last year too!!

Finally at the end, the both got a little more into it.  Zach actually cried when he had to come inside, though he loves being outside so I'm not sure it was leaving the leaves that he was upset about.

Eliza however "loved" the leaves!  I mean, she didn't cry so that's practically loving them in my book since she cries for everything!  She looked so cute hanging out in the leaves and it makes me happy that I was able to get halfway decent pictures of at least one kid!!

Adios leaves!!  Until we meet again next year.


Melissa Nelson said...

Lucky! I dream of being able to rake leaves! Samantha looks like she had fun at least. :)

Stephanie H. said...

Hopefully next year, right?!