Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Busy Bag Sensory Bin

Last year our playgroup did a Sensory Bin rotation that was a HUGE hit.  We had 15 families participating and we enjoyed it SO much.  There was a huge variety in the bins and Samantha and Zach just loved playing with them.  They both cried every time we had to pass on a bin.  Apparently we weren't alone in our love for the train and the group decided to do it again this year.  We are already on our 3rd rotation and it has gone great so far.  Samantha and Zach are constantly asking to bring out the bins and they have been great at giving Sam and Zach an activity to play while I tend to Eliza.

This rotation we have a bin full of busy bags!!  These are awesome little bags that you can pull out and take anywhere...the car, doctors offices, church (wish I would have thought to bring some on Sunday!)  The maker of this bin did all sorts of things and I have to say, Sam and Zach have gone crazy for them.

The first bag we pulled out was full of matchbox cars.  Actually Zach saw this bag and of course went nuts!!  He asks to play with this one all the time.

Another bag included mini magnadoodles.  These have also been a huge hit!

 Mini etch-a-sketch!  Samantha has loved drawing "huge cities" on here.  Mostly Chicago!

Dry erase boards and markers.  Also a huge hit!

Spirograph!!!  A favorite from my childhood so I was super excited to see these!

Snack cups with pom poms.  I thought this would be perfect for Zach and a little too young for Samantha but they both love filling up the cups and then getting the pom poms out.

Wooden puzzles

Paper and crayons


Pipe cleaners and beads.  The beads have very tiny holes so this was difficult for Samantha at first, but she soon figured out how to do it!

Clothes pins and index cards.

Spectator Eliza!!

I have to say this bin is amazing!!!  I have an dentist appointment tomorrow that I will be bringing all 3 kids to and I will definitely pick a bag or two to bring so they have something to do in the waiting room and while I'm getting my teeth cleaned.  This bin has also inspired me to make busy bags of my own because, lets face it, I'm tired of being "that mom" with the noisy out of control kids in waiting rooms and church!!

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