Tuesday, September 2, 2014

38 Week Update!

Today marks 38 weeks, wow!!  According to my ticker the baby is this size of a pumpkin now.  It's almost the right season for pumpkins, haha.

This morning I had my weekly biophysical profile and check up.  The BPP went well and baby passed with 8/8.  My first fluid measurement was 11.8 which was 1.1 lower than last week, but then she found a better pocket of fluid and it jumped up to a little over 14.  That was great news since Chris and I were both thinking I was going to be sent to the hospital today.  She got some cute pictures of the baby, however the printer wasn't working properly so they are a little screwed up.  It looks like baby is going to be a chunker, so different from Samantha and Zach!
Look at those lips!!  I just want to kiss them!!  I can't wait.  After the ultrasound I met with the doctor.  I think I actually lost 2 pounds since last week which is good.  I'm so done with this diet and can't wait for baby to get here so I can eat what I want again.  I have an entire list of junk I want to eat once the baby comes haha, starting with all the pumpkin flavored goodness that is starting to come out now.  Pumpkin is seriously my favorite!!  So if you come to visit me...pumpkin is always welcome.  ;-)  I got checked and was seriously expecting to be the same as last week, but to my surprise I am 2-3 cm dilated and 70% effaced!  I know it doesn't mean anything but it's still exciting to know that things are starting to happen.  Maybe I actually have a chance of going into labor on my own.  I would LOVE to go into labor on my own.  Only time will tell!
Tonight we took my 38 week belly shots.  Still getting bigger and bigger!  I don't know how much bigger I can get.  I'm really praying this baby isn't too huge.  Under 8 pounds would be great.  Samantha was 6 pounds 12 ounces and Zach was 6 pounds 15 ounces and they were just so cute and tiny.  I love tiny squishes, though of course I'm sure I'll love a chunky baby if I get one too.

These past few days I've been starting to get really impatient and I just really can't wait to see who has been residing inside of me for these past 9 months!!

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