Thursday, January 17, 2013

a little hectic

We are 6 weeks in to being a family of four and I can say so far, it has been nothing like I was expecting.  I was thinking I'd be bringing home this adorably cute baby who would eat, sleep, and poop.  Sure he's adorably cute.  Yes - he eats, sleeps and poops.  But I was forgetting one huge thing.  He screams!!  ALL.THE.TIME!  If he isn't being held, he is screaming.  Even when he's being held, he's screaming.  I had beautiful visions of Zachary having tummy time while I did arts and crafts with Samantha.  How many times has that happened, you ask?  0.  Yes, zero.  I feel like I have been neglecting poor Samantha the past 6 weeks.  I know eventually we will find a groove and things will get normal again.  Hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later, or else I'm going to be one bald mama from pulling all my hair out.  On Monday after almost 24 hours of not eating, we got Zachary into the pediatrician and put onto Pepcid to help with acid reflux.  Since then his spitting up has improved slightly, the screaming has improved slightly as well.  But he still screams a lot!  Thankfully Samantha has been taking it all in stride and happily plays by herself and finds things that I can do with her while holding the baby.  She helps soothe Zach by covering him with blankets and sticking the paci in his mouth...and then promptly removing said blanket and paci once he is finally calm!  I'll say that for now, the stressful days are far greater than the non-stressful days, but I love them all the same.  I'd take all the stressful days in the world to have my two beautiful babies.  Eventually, once things settle down, I WILL post regularly, I promise!  But for now, I just try to survive the day with all of us in one piece.

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