Thursday, March 8, 2012


Did you miss me?  I've had things to post about every day this week but of course life gets in the way, but now, here I am!

For a quick play by play, Samantha started swim lessons on Tuesday!  We had SO much fun and I am hoping that Samantha continues to enjoy them.  Our class is two times a week for 30 minutes each.  There is a lot of singing which Samantha loves.  Really, I don't think there was a single thing about it she didn't like.  If only Chris could get a day off to come watch and snap some pictures.  ;-)

Yesterday, Samantha and I went to one of Chris's coworkers house to meet her newborn baby boy, Michael.  He is SO cute and so tiny!!  I love squishy newborns.  :-)  Samantha absolutely loved him as well and just kept smiling and dancing all over the place.  Samantha is definitely going to be an awesome big sister one day!!

After we got home I was all set to post...and then Samantha threw up.  I cleaned her up, fed her...and she threw up again.  She probably threw up 7 times last night.  Poor cuddlebug.  We called the 24 hours nurses hotline through Chris's work and they said we could treat her at home.  Thankfully she nursed well through the night and we didn't have any issues.  However, she threw up her breakfast this morning.  I put in a call to the pediatrician who said there is a tummy bug going around.  She suggested after vomiting, wait 1 hour and then give a few sips of pedialyte every 15 minutes.  Continue for 2 hours.  If after two hours she hasn't vomited give her a few oz pedialyte.  If that stays down, then go back to breast feeding.  Well the first pedialyte went well.  However, the second time around, she knew what was coming!!!  She pressed her little lips together and refused to even look at me.  Little stinker!  Then she practically attacked me trying to get my shirt down, so even though it was against what the nurse said, I breast fed her.  She did okay and didn't throw up!!  She had a second feed a little while later that also stayed down.  This gave me a false sense of things getting better so I was so bummed when she threw up her fourth feed of the day.  :-(  She took two 3 hour naps earlier today and now she just fell asleep again.  Hopefully all this sleep is helping her to recover.  I just fed her and so far, no barf!!

I'm really hoping this passes quickly because I hate seeing my baby girl sick!

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