Sunday, January 24, 2016

Premium Breastfeeding Cover by Soins de Bebe

For the past 4.5 years, I have pretty much been constantly nursing one of my 3 children.  Over this time, I have become pretty confident nursing in public without covering up, however, I know this is not the case for everyone.  I know a certain someone (who I won't name here!!) is definitely not comfortable when I nurse in public.  That's where this awesome premium breastfeeding cover by Soins de Bebe comes in.

I chose the purple cover, which can be purchased on Amazon, because I love purple!!  I am normally not a huge fan of paisley but I think it is gorgeous.  As you can see in my photo, the cover is very generously sized and covers everything with room to spare.  I have only covered up while nursing a handful of times in Eliza's 16 months so she was not a fan of having the cover on her.  Even with her flailing around and trying to move things around there was more than enough fabric to keep me covered and I never worried about anything being exposed.  The cover has 3 features that I found fantastic.

1.) A reinforced neck.  The top of the cover has some sort of plastic in the neck so that you can easily look down and see your baby without having to move your hands or the cover.  This is great especially when your child is young and still needs assistance latching on.

2.) Stainless steel D-Rings create a completely adjustable strap so that this carrier can fit any woman.  You get the perfect fit, not too tight and not too loose, every single time.

3.) The cover has a padded portion in the bottom corner to use for any drips and spills you may have.  Eliza enjoyed holding this end and rubbing it on her face while she ate and again due to the generous sizing nothing was exposed!  This is perfect if you forget your burp cloth.

Besides the nursing cover, the package also included a cotton burp cloth and breastfeeding bracelet.  Eliza ran off with the cloth before I was able to take a picture of it and was using it with a blanket so I'd say she loves it!  In the short few seconds I held it, it did feel a little rough to me, though I'm sure it will soften up nicely with a wash.  The nursing bracelet has numbers 1-12 and little dots for each 15 minute increment.  I breastfeed on demand so I don't have much use for this, but for mom's who either prefer or are required to feed in set intervals this would be great.  I remember when Zach was little and not gaining weight it was so frustrating to constantly need to be on my phone to see when I last fed him.  While this tool wouldn't replace a feeding log, it would definitely be extremely helpful in telling you when you need to feed your baby again.  The only change I would make to this bracelet would be for it to have some way to tell which side you last fed on.

All of these items came in a coordinating bag perfect for a purse or diaper bag.

Everything was wonderfully made and I would absolutely recommend this set to any mom looking for a nursing cover.  Thank you to Soins de Bebe for providing this cover for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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